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Leaders not Captains

Jul 18, 2021

Ben Cross is a former rugby player who is on the show to share his insights on leadership from his years working on the field.

Cross recalls his coaches with whom he has trained. They range from the jovial to the tough and there are advantages and disadvantages to both. It comes down to how these coaches set an example for their team to follow.

His work for the National Rugby League has had its fair share of challenges such as losing the grand final in 2006, but it is less about failure and more about a push to continue training and improving.

Show Topics:

  • Raiders and Matty Elliot
  • “Getting the right people on the bus”
  • Mental fitness
  • Leading through action
  • NRL recruitment process
  • 2006 grand final loss
  • Sporting world vs Corporate world
  • 2007 recovery
  • Trust and leadership
  • Challenge cup