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Leaders not Captains

Jun 27, 2021

In this episode, Will Collett talks about how his background in the police, Special Forces, and agriculture shaped his leadership and teamwork perspective.

Collett speaks about his experiences working with an ethnically diverse workplace. He learned that race or religious differences should not be a hindrance when there is a common goal. A good leader should understand that what matters most is someone’s heart and determination.

He was a part of the Australian Defence Force. Soldiers rely on their training and on their superiors to lead them forward. Such a relationship requires the utmost trust. Leaders need to establish this trust to create an effective team.

Similarly, Collett’s work for the federal police placed him in difficult, stressful situations where good leadership could mean life or death. He adds what he believes to be the traits of a good leader.

Finally, Will Collett wants to emphasize the importance of mental health. As a veteran, he served for the safety of civilians. He realized the toll it had on him, and he established Making Men for the support of others who are going through similar situations because, according to him, good leadership starts with self-leadership.

Show topics:

  • Racial dynamics in the workplace
  • Leadership
  • One commando regiment
  • Trust
  • Federal police
  • Traits of a good leader
  • Making Men